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Archos puttin' on the Ritz for its Generation 9 Honeycomb tablets, coming June 23

Amar Toor, @amartoo

We were expecting some news out Archos this month and sure enough, here it is. The company has just announced that it will unveil its new Generation 9 Honeycomb tablets at a Paris event, on June 23rd. The company's third Android slate, as you may recall, was originally expected to launch at September's IFA trade show, but that date was later pushed up -- meaning we'll be able to catch a glimpse of its shiny 1.6GHz ARM A9 dual-core chip and so-called "revolutionary" 3G modem in just a few weeks. Archos certainly seems to have high expectations for the device, as well, having scheduled its debut at no less a prestigious venue than the Ritz Hotel. We'll be there (in our finest threads) to cover the event as it unfolds.

[Thanks, Marien]

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