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    Aviiq Smart Case is sweet protection for your iPad 2


    iPad 2 owners looking for a classy case that works with the Smart Cover can stop searching. Aviiq's Smart Case for iPad 2 is just what you were trying to find.

    I first heard about this case back in the beginning of April. After receiving a review case to try out, I'll be buying one of the US$49.99 Smart Cases for my iPad 2. It's lightweight -- just 4.1 ounces. It's strong -- made of thin aluminum to keep the back of your iPad 2 scratch-free, with a gray plastic material protecting the sides. It is easy to install -- some of the cases I've reviewed recently have actually taken tools (a plastic spudger) to get on and off, while the Smart Case just pops on and off with little effort. It works with the Smart Cover (not included). And best of all, the colors of the Smart Case compliment the Smart Cover.

    The colors on the Smart Case and Smart Cover aren't a perfect match, since it's difficult to exactly match colors on two completely different materials. But they're close enough that it looks as if the two products were made in the same factory.

    Aviiq made sure that the Smart Case didn't add a lot of thickness to the package. The aluminum casing is only 1.5 mm thick, so you're not stuck holding a big wad 'o case. According to information I received from Aviiq prior to the release of the Smart Case, they made sure that the shell didn't block Wi-Fi or 3G transmissions, which explains the plastic material around the sides of the iPad 2.

    With the Smart Case and Smart Cover combination, your iPad 2 is totally protected and looks great as well. Kudos to the Aviiq team on a well-done product. Check out the gallery below for some details and shots of the Smart Case in action.

    Gallery: Aviiq Smart Case for iPad 2 | 4 Photos

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