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Battlefield 3 adds co-op campaign, platoons, going prone, mountable weapons and more


EA is bringing Battlefield 3 to E3 and has teased some of the new features we'll get to see -- specifically, features not simply anchored to the single-player experience. EA and DICE are finally ready to talk multiplayer and by the sound of this missive on the Battlefield Blog, multiplayer is getting quite a few improvements.

"Operation Métro" will be the multiplayer map available on the show floor at the LA Convention center at E3 next week and will highlight several new features in the multiplayer component: going prone; being able to temporarily disable vehicles (as opposed to just disabling them permanently the old-fashioned way with rockets); mountable weapons; "lay down suppressive fire and more." DICE is also adding a Team Deathmatch mode to the game, though for the life of us we can't imagine why. Does anybody even like Squad Deathmatch in Bad Company 2?

Finally, the single-player will sport a co-op campaign, though we're not sure if it's two-player or four players or what. DICE is also preparing an online destination called Battlelog that will let you "manage your friends lists, squad up, create platoons, use voice chat and follow your friends' progress in real-time, and more."

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