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Blizzard hiring 'PlayStation 3 specialist' for Diablo 3 team


Normally, job listings that seem to suggest unannounced games can be interpreted in multiple ways, but this one seems fairly cut and dried. Blizzard is hiring for a "Senior Software Engineer, Console -- PlayStation 3 Specialist" within the Diablo 3 team.

"This position is responsible for overseeing Playstation 3 (PS3) architecture design," the listing explains, "as well as other PS3-specific game code development to maximize platform performance."

Even though this looks an awful lot like an indicator of an upcoming PS3 version of Diablo 3, of course, the standard disclaimers still apply. It could end up being a research-related job and not anything that leads to a console port; it could merely be part of the company's ongoing "investigation." If any company has money to burn on projects that don't turn into retail games, it's Blizzard.

[Thanks, John]

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