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Darkfall dev blog talks new dungeons, siege changes

Jef Reahard

A while back we brought you word that Aventurine was looking for feedback on Darkfall's siege mechanics. Though the process is still ongoing, it seems as if the devs have gotten a good sampling from the community thus far according to this week's activity report.

Your opinion is still needed, though, so head to the Darkfall Epic Blog and weigh in on the maximum number of clan attackers during sieges. This week's report also details a bit of the PvE-related goings-on, and the world of Agon is getting a new themed dungeon for each continent in the very near future. "All of them are huge and have different areas that you need to traverse. Doing this, however, leaves you with choices as to which way to go and which challenges to face," says the blog entry.

There's a bit of PvP info as well, and the requisite teases for the new expansion. Read all about it at the official website.

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