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Nothing can sully this Uncharted 3 co-op trailer (with vertical gun battles!)

Justin McElroy

We're still five days from E3 [nervous puke] but try telling Nathan Drake he needs to wait until the appropriate time to show-off Uncharted 3's co-op mode. Look at game's title, the silly goof doesn't even know where he's going, you think he can afford to be picky about when he gets there?

The reveal went down last night on GameTrailers TV where designer Richard Cambier said that the mode will dust-off some co-op partners for Drake that haven't made an appearance in the franchise in a while.

Also shown off in the footage is new, Dark Void-esque vertical gunplay which has corpses falling so close to our hero that you can practically hear them shout "Hey, I loved you guys in Mafia 2!" See for yourself right after the break.

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