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Save 75% on almost every Telltale product


In honor of its 7th anniversary, Telltale Games has decided to drive itself to bankruptcy. That's the only plausible explanation for the 75% off sale it's now instituted on its online store, running now through June 25 (even though the website says it starts June 6.)

The sale covers everything from games to t-shirts to, say, these awesome Homestar Runner figures (which are now $2!) The only things not included are Back to the Future and Puzzle Agent 2. If you'd like a few suggestions, we noticed The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition for $2.50, the Sam & Max book for $5, and the full season of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People for $7.50. We noticed that last one as we were buying it. We suspect we're going to interact with this sale episodically, by which we mean we're going to return and buy more stuff a few times.

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