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Breakfast Topic: Where do you play WoW?


Throughout the day, I can be found hunched over my computers in my office working here and elsewhere, finding the latest WoW news to be brought forward to the community (and occasionally saying screw it to everything and running an afternoon heroic).

But at night, it's a different story. I like to be around my fiancée, hanging out and watching some TV, and so on ... But I also like to be doing mindless things in game to power up my toons -- questing, fishing, gathering ... the usual. Archaeology is numbingly boring to me unless I have something else on (I recently rewatched all of Cosmos while going from 1 to 525 in archaeology). And for that mindless playing, it's all about loading up WoW on my laptop and sitting on my ridiculously comfortable chair.

For serious gameplay, however, it's back into the office for me (also sitting on a ridiculously comfortable chair). I'm not a fan of raiding on a laptop unless absolutely necessary.

So where do you, dear reader, play WoW? Sit out in the living room with the missus (or mister), or do you go in your (wo)man cave and yell for Hot Pockets?

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