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Get a head start on Season 6 of Mu Online with our closed beta key giveaway!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Season 6 is coming to Mu Online, and it's even bigger than most fans expected! The update was delayed this spring due to the natural disasters in Japan, as Mu Online's global network systems pass through that country. Work on Season 6 had to go on the back burner while more crucial repairs were made, but everything is up and running now and Season 6 is ready for beta!

This update features the introduction of the new Rage Fighter class, so even if you're familiar with all things Mu this will prove an exciting addition for you! If you're interested in checking out the new content, we've got a closed beta key for you to do that very thing. Just visit our giveaway page to pick up your key, then create an account if you haven't yet. After that, head to the beta page to redeem your key, and enjoy Season 6!

[Sorry, all codes have been claimed]

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