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New iOS 5 features beyond the top ten


While Apple demoed ten huge new iOS 5 features at WWDC earlier today, it also mentioned several more in passing that are worth looking at. By far the biggest deal is Wi-Fi syncing to iTunes -- you no longer have to plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac to sync your content. The iPad can now wirelessly mirror all of its onscreen content over AirPlay, and it's also getting some new multitasking gestures.

Some other new iOS 5 features that only got mentioned on a single Keynote slide:

Set tones for voicemail, mail and calendar alerts (no mention of SMS tones, unfortunately).

  • New iPad music app
  • Smart Playlist sync from iTunes
  • Option to speak text selection
  • iTunes Tone Store
  • Built-in dictionary
  • Emoji emoticons
  • Personal dictionary
  • Alternate routes in Maps
  • Improved FaceTime video quality

These are just some of the more than 200 features Apple says are coming in iOS 5, which is expected this fall.

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