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One Shots: Let's dance!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

We're kicking off unusual foe week here on One Shots with a Guild Wars baddie courtesy of Zara:
The god Abaddon is the final boss in Guild Wars Nightfall, but players who pause before engaging him can find an Easter egg. If all the human players in the party stop on the bridge and do the /dance emote, he'll dance with you for a few minutes. Here you can see his giant head and hands rocking out.

Next he'll kill everyone in your party and your screen will flash the message "You got served," but at least you had some fun before you died.
We've started this week's theme with a bang, and now it's your turn! Send a pic of the funniest, most strangely designed, or scariest enemy you've taken on in an MMO to along with your name and the name of the game. Tell us a little about the foe and we'll share it here on One Shots!

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