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Supreme Court decision on Schwarzenegger v. EMA possibly coming this week [update]

According to SCOTUSblog, a site dedicated to tracking the activity of the head of our nation's Judicial Branch, a decision on November's hearing of Schwarzenegger v. EMA (now Brown v. EMA, reflecting California's new, assumedly punier governor) will be released this week. The hearing was held to review a California law which prohibited the sale of mature games to minors -- a law which was attacked due to its ambiguity in defining what constituted a mature game.

The blog expects the court to either issue its opinion on Brown v. EMA today or Thursday -- we'll make sure to let you know where they come down. Personally, we really hope they decide in favor of the EMA, as this would be a kind of a bummer of a week for video games to be totally outlawed. (That's probably not going to happen.)

Update: Though the Supreme Court was expected to rule this week, it looks like they'll be holding their decision for a later date. The SCOTUS session ends the week of June 27, and though the court could conceivably extend the session, a decision is expected before then.

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