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Will Wright working on game based off Bruce Sterling short story, Maneki Neko


After leaving EA, founding StupidFunClub and launching a TV series, it would seem Will Wright is finally ready to talk about his next game. It's based on author Bruce Sterling's short story, Maneki Neko, Eurogamer reports.

Wright summed up Maneki Neko (included in Bruce Sterling's A Good Old-Fashioned Future) as the story of "a karmic computer that's keeping a balance of payments between different people, and causing them to interact with each other in interesting ways to improve their lives even though they're strangers." He added that these people earn "karmic points" that can be redeemed by "having somebody else help them." This proposed game would ideally launch on tablets, smart phones and Facebook.

Console gamers won't be left out, though. Wright alluded to "one or two" other projects for home consoles (lining up with previous reports that three projects are currently underway at studio), thought he didn't go into any specifics. "But most of our work is going to be everything else: PC, tablet, Facebook and mobile," he concluded.

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