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Dust 514 E3 trailer, details drop into view


The E3 trailer for Dust 514 has been deployed by the PlayStation Blog, giving us a glimpse at the now PS3 exclusive shooter. Dust 514 is a persistent shooter, where the universe goes on through your absence and impacts EVE Online on the PC/Mac platforms.

This is achieved through territorial control over planets -- your performance dynamically shifts the power balance on these worlds, affecting the pilots in EVE Online. But it goes both ways: events in EVE Online can affect the make-up of any particular world.

On top of that, Dust 514 will have a largely similar economy of that in EVE Online, employing virtual goods and a single person overseer responsible for monitoring the game's economy. And when it comes to expansions, CCP promises free expansion packs, development of which will be fueled by players spending real world money in-game.

Hit the jump for the E3 trailer, and check out PlayStation Blog for more from the game's community manager, James Egan.

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