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E3 2011: A look at Runes of Magic's upcoming Redhill Mountains

Eliot Lefebvre

Runes of Magic is on the floor at E3, and the team behind the game is showing off the goods for the upcoming Lands of Despair expansion. GDC saw a preview of the earliest zone for the new chapter, but E3 is focusing on the new Redhill Mountain zones, spanning from level 65 to 68. Players will be tossed into the center of a war between the Fireboot Dwarves and the rhino-like Kaylo race. And at the center of everything sits the dungeon of Sardo Castle, a font of undead and villainy.

The centerpiece of the Redhill Mountains is the Battlefield of Steel, where the Dwarves and Kaylo take part in an ongoing war of aggression that's stretched out for 10 long years. Players will be tasked with investigating both sides of the issue and uncovering the sinister motives behind the conflict, with the true villain waiting at the heart of the Sardo Castle instance. Runes of Magic fans should take a look at the special preview gallery below, showing off the zone and instance in elaborate detail.

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