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E3 2011: Nival announces Facebook-integrated MMO Prime World

Patrick Mackey

Nival may be a new player in the MMOsphere, but Prime World, its first big push into the fray, is looking to turn a few heads. Developed in the Unity 3D engine and promising an intense PvP experience inspired by Defense of the Ancients, Prime World hopes to break from other, similar games by integrating itself into Facebook. While elements of the social game can be played in a web browser, the PvP combat will require a downloadable client.

Players will be able to construct castles and enjoy other social gaming features, and these elements will bleed into the PvP portions of the game and vice-versa. Well-designed castles will provide "meaningful benefits" to the PvP action scenes, and social networks can be exploited, helping players gain strategic advantages. Likewise, the spoils gained from successful PvP victories and other minigames can be used to customize your castle or be gifted to friends.

Nival is expecting Prime World to enter closed beta late this year, but it released a teaser trailer to whet our appetites until then. Check it out after the break!

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