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Have a look at the heroes of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure


There are 32 different toys-turned-characters in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, and the videos posted after the break will introduce you to seven of them, from the hack-and-slash undead knight Chop Chop to the gemstone brawler Prism Break and the blue dragon caster Zap. Each character, as you'll see, is aligned with a certain element, and various parts of the game (along with the enemies therein) are made to match up with those elements, meaning players will probably have to mix and match with friends to get the most out of the game's stages.

Each character can of course be leveled up through 11 ranks (increasing the strength and function of your abilities as you go), and they can grab items and loot while playing along as well, all of which is saved in the actual toy as you play. And players can even pit their heroes against each other in head-to-head arena battles, proving that your Stump Smash can beat anyone's Ignitor. You can check out all of the various real-life toys in the gallery below as well.

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