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Of course there's a Ridge Racer game for PlayStation Vita


Namco Bandai didn't have much to show at Sony's post-keynote gathering of playable games, but an interactive "trailer" running on the PlayStation Vita was expressly designed to show the publisher's commitment to the handheld. As always, Namco's courtship of new hardware begins with Ridge Racer.

There's not much game to speak of at the moment, as the nondescript trailer consisted of little more than a camera swooping over an extravagant 3D car. Swiping across the screen, poking the rear touchpad and tapping the shoulder buttons introduced some visual effects and altered the soundtrack, but this served no real purpose other than to impart assurance that Namco knows exactly what the PSV can do.

A Namco representative wouldn't commit to a Vita launch debut for the game, but readily acknowledged Ridge Racer's day-one traditions. After all, a new platform just doesn't seem real until Namco plays its part.

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