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TQ Digital announces Edge of Night expansion for Eudemons


TQ Digital has announced the upcoming expansion to its free-to-play MMORPG Eudemons, titled Edge of Night, and boy is it going to suck. We mean that in the most literal sense, as the new update will add Vampires to the game's ranks. The Vampire will be the fourth class to join Eudemons' world of Cronus, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Warrior, Mage, and Paladin (somehow we think the Vampire may have some contention with the latter).

Details on this new class are virtually nonexistent at this point, but TQ Digital promises a slew of information leading up to the release of the new update. Of course, there's really only one truly pressing question regarding the matter: Will the Vampires sparkle? We sure hope not. Players thirsty for new information on the new class can sink their fangs into some Vampire-related lore and artwork while they wait for more news on the official site.

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