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E3 2011: New SWTOR dev walkthrough takes players to Tatooine


A new developer walkthrough from BioWare takes Star Wars: The Old Republic players to the desert planet of Tatooine, future home of Luke Skywalker. But long before Luke was even a twinkle in Anakin's eye, the Sith were scouring the planet in search of a lost research facility that they hoped would hold the key to the destruction of the Republic.

That's where the developer video's story begins, as a Sith Sorcerer is tasked with finding the leader of the expedition to hunt down this lost research facility. The leader, Lord Silvar, believed that the key to accomplishing the expedition's goals would lie with the Sand People of Tatooine, and he set off alone to uncover their secrets. The Sorcerer follows after him, joined shortly by an Imperial Operative. The demonstration takes players through a short quest and includes displays of combat and The Old Republic's conversation system. If you're itching for more information on The Old Republic, or just want to see a Sith Sorcerer Force-lightning some poor Sand People to death, follow on after the cut for the video.

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