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Picture Lives is E3's weirdest game


Sure I played some good games at E3 -- whatever. Good games come out all the time. What I want from the show is to be surprised, preferably by something that doesn't make any damn sense and is hilarious. Nintendo filled that hole in my heart with the single unreleased 3DS eShop game it was showing: Picture Lives.

Okay, so here's the concept of Picture Lives. You build a creature using shape tools -- resizable circles, rectangles, etc. Then you attach legs, mouth(s), eyes, basically anywhere. I decided that I would try to place the legs and eyes several away from the body. The game totally let me! So I was walking around as a green dome with a few misshapen legs and eyes floating nearby. I named it "frrrrrr." And he speaks like a squeaky-voiced robot, according to the settings I gave it. I saw other customization options for extra parts and moving things around, but I was eager to get this hot rod on the road.

The "road" is a hilly green landscape that you navigate by dragging the stylus in the direction you want your godforsaken shape monster to lope in. To jump, you pull down on an icon on the touchscreen (the action is on the top screen) and let go to sling your adorable hellspawn into the air. Using these controls, you ... well, I only played it for a few minutes, but you pick up presents from a lion and deliver them to a bird. So, just in that first bit, it appears to be like Animal Crossing, but side-scrolling, and with your own hideous freak in the place of a little horned boy.

So, uh, yeah! I don't know if it's going to be a good game, but I know I'm going to keep talking about it whenever people ask me what I saw at E3, because it's freaky. Check out the trailer after the break.

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