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Real Racing 2 announces wireless iPad to TV streaming, waves at Wii U

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Real Racing 2-dev (and recent EA acquisition) Firemint took the opportunity at WWDC today to announce AirPlay support for its latest iOS racer. When the just-announced iOS 5 is released later this year, it will enable AirPlay video mirroring support, which Firemint will be using to do a lot more than just mirroring; the iPad 2 will be able to wirelessly send an HD signal to your Apple TV while using the iPad 2 to handle real-time racing telemetry and tilt-based steering.

Of course, this is the reverse of Nintendo's just-announced Wii U functionality, which sends a wireless signal from a console to the WiiPad. Notable differences between the two platforms include the fact that the iPad is a standalone portable device that can be used without a TV and this will be available sometime in the next four months, as opposed to late next year.

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