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Soulcalibur V has '20 - 30' characters, half are new; character creation coming back


During our meeting this afternoon with Namco, while a tale of souls was being eternally retold on the screen in Soulcalibur V, a rep from the Japanese publisher spoke to the game's features while we raptly listened on. While only four characters were playable in the hands-on demo we had, two of them were brand new -- something the Namco rep explained was representative of the entire game's roster.

"Half of the roster is all new characters," he noted, before explaining that character creation will make a triumphant return in SC5. And apparently, though the story in past Soulcalibur titles has been ... typical of a fighting game, SC5 will expand upon that with the expressed purpose of explaining the many, many new characters. We only got a chance to get our hands on Patroclus and series favorite Mitsurugi, but we'll be sure to have a preview up in the coming days. Here's a tease: it was pretty fun!

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