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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes made with consoles in mind

Justin McElroy

We'd gotten in the habit of letting the ongoing Sherlock Holmes game series fall into our proverbial blindspots, perhaps because of the lackluster production values or PC-centric game design. That said, we got a sneak peek at the sixth game in the series, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, and we may have to revise our policy of ignoring any and all residents of 221B Baker Street.

Developer Frogwares have seriously upped the budget for this 360, PS3 and PC release, providing a big bump in graphical fidelity, as you can see for yourself after the break. With a new hint system and a more controller-friendly interface, it's also the first Sherlock game made specifically with console gamers in mind.

Also, Sherlock Holmes dies in it. It's right in the trailer. Go figure.

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