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All Sonic Generations 3DS levels to be platform-exclusive (save for Green Hill Zone)


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After showing E3 attendees a new level in Sonic Generations, game producer Takashi Iizuka highlighted some of the extra content that can only be found in the 3DS version. "One important thing to say about the Nintendo 3DS version is that besides Green Hill Zone, which is the starting zone on all versions, all the stages on the Nintendo 3DS version will be different from the stages that are seen in the PS3 and 360," Iizuka said.

Generations will revisit and remix levels from Sonic's entire history, including his Genesis and Dreamcast outings, but only the 3DS game may borrow stages from older handheld games. "For the PS3 and 360, none of the stages we're selecting are going to be from the handheld," Iizuka explained during a brief Q&A session. "However, on 3DS we're looking at picking stages from handheld as well."

The portable version of Generations will also offer a special stage, a two-player versus mode and a battery life that should effortlessly summon nostalgia for Sonic's Game Gear days.

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