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CCP video blog talks EVE immersion, Incarna deployment

Jef Reahard

As the clocks ticks down on EVE Online's long-awaited Incarna update, CCP is starting to roll out more PR to get fans in the mood (and to catch the eye of casual observers). The eight-year old title has long been considered one of the massive genre's premier sandboxes, but Incarna's deployment is adding a radical new dimension to the game that is taking time to both design and deploy.

A new video blog featuring EVE creative director Torfi Frans Olafsson and senior designer Craig Scott looks to fill fans in on what Incarna has to offer. It's all about immersion, according to Olafsson, who says that the new avatar-based sections of the game will give players a stronger sense of self and a deeper awareness of the game environment and the scale of New Eden. Olafsson also explains why CCP is taking its sweet time with Incarna's rollout and why it's chosen to do it in stages (the first of which is the captain's quarters update on June 21st). In a nutshell, the staggered deployment is due to the update's complexity as well as to the fact that it's being grafted onto a live service that cannot be taken down for extensive tweaks.

"To be honest, it's like changing the engine on a race car while it's doing 200 mph on a race track," he explains. Check out the full clip after the cut.

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