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Display shortage forces Samsung to lose its competitve edge over the iPad 2


Samsung may be forced to fatten its tablet devices due to a display shortage. The Korean company gleefully proclaimed its revised Galaxy Tab line was thinner than the iPad 2 and repeatedly showcased the tablet's lean and mean design.

An unfortunate display shortage has forced the company to drop its thinner GFI display and replace it with a thicker GFF display. This Glass Fiber Filter display is almost 40 percent thicker and has lower light transmittance than its thinner counterpart. Samsung might be forced to make two variants of the Galaxy Tab, one with the original spec and one with a slightly heftier profile.

Display shortages are an unfortunate part of electronics manufacturing. AMOLED display shortages delayed the full rollout of the several Android handsets inducing the DROID Incredible. More recently, Apple is thought to have cornered the market in tablet displays, forcing manufacturers like RIM and Motorola to scramble for the leftovers.

[Via Electronista]

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