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WoW Moviewatch: Ding!


Ding! is another piece by Dreyfus Xano, who created the Million Miles from Home. It's a music video using original lyrics, as far as I can tell. (If it's really a cover of something, I'm not sure I recognize the song.)

At first, the video felt pretty rough to me. However, I found by the time I listened to it all, the lyrics and hook grew on me. Dreyfus could use some vocal practice, but the earnestness and passion help brings the music up to a higher level.

Xano shows a lot of class in this video, methodically giving shout-outs to other machinima and filk creators who have inspired him. While I don't know if he's had contact with any of the folks, it's still a nice touch to say "thank you" to people who've helped him find his passion.

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