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Robot Entertainment planning to set a trap for Orcs Must Die! in July [Update: Actually, it's late August, early September]


While checking out Orcs Must Die! at E3 this week, we spoke with lead designer Ian Fischer and inquired about the game's planned launch window. The current plan is to launch on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade initially sometime this summer.

"It'll be launching on XBLA and Steam initially, then other platforms after that," he explained. "We haven't talked about price point yet, but we're looking to launch it sometime this summer -- July, at least, is what we're looking at right now."

Keep it locked for our preview, which should be live on the site here soon.

Update: Orcs Must Die!'s community coordinator, Duncan Stanley, emailed me to say that Ian was mistaken when he gave me the initial July window. The game will likely launch in late August or early September, he says.

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