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Breakfast Topic: Are pretty pixels important to you?


This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

I admit it: I judge books by their covers. By the same token, I also judge games by their pixels. The look and feel is a key factor of my enjoyment of the game. If I can't customize a character, the game loses appeal quickly.

WoW doesn't have a huge amount of customization, but it's added a lot with barber shops to keep me and my mood swings satisfied. It may be a niche need or desire, but I am happy it is recognized. There are, however, some colors I think it would be great to see added. Female night elf death knights need a pink hair color option. I would love if my druid could get this same hair color without having to die for it. The Gilnean rogue trainer Lorna and Surwich Innkeeper Donna Berrymore have a dark blue/purple hair color. I wish one of my humans could stumble upon this mysterious hair dye bottle.

Blizzard recently mentioned that it's adding a choice between male and female versions of demons. This was beyond expectations, as all I'd ever hoped was a color choice for my demons. Felguards, succubi and imps have many skin colors in the game, and I would enjoy being able to choose from them all.

Some players have voiced a desire for an option to show or hide their gear. I'd like to broach the idea of dyes here as well. Although it would hinder being able to tell heroic from normal gear at a glance, it would make it more aesthetically pleasing for each character to choose an individual look. I wouldn't look the same as every other person in my class.

In what other areas would you like to see the game's aesthetics added to or improved?

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