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Blizzard teams up with Mega Bloks for Warcraft and StarCraft sets


Big Blizzard licensing news -- Blizzard has teamed up with MEGA Brands, Inc. to release Warcraft- and StarCraft-themed Mega Bloks sets. You might remember the Halo Mega Bloks sets as another of Mega Bloks' video game releases. These are Blizzard's two largest franchises, so it's a pretty substantial acquisition for Mega Bloks.

What is most interesting to me about this licensing partnership is Blizzard's consolidation and general changing strategy regarding the World of Warcraft and StarCraft intellectual properties. In South Korea, StarCraft is already on everything you can imagine, and licensing in general is one of Blizzard's biggest assets (as it is for most content creators.) Does this licensing deal signal a renewed push to put Warcraft and StarCraft on lots of new, carefully hand-picked products? Suffice to say, I am excited about Blizzard's licensing future.

The sets are scheduled for release in summer 2012. We have no news on what characters or settings will be featured in the sets, but our imaginations can happily wander. Will we get vehicles? Iconic location play sets? Lore exposition in block form? I've got a few ideas...

  • Mow your way through the Alliance front lines in the TRUE WARCHIEF™ Orc Catapult complete with Garrosh Hellscream and Captain Krazz exclusive figures!
  • Protect your lands from the filth of the Forsaken in Genn Greymane's HOWL-ON-WHEELS™ combination Gilnean stagecoach and roadster. Exclusive Genn Greymane and Crowley figures!
  • Stormwind is back with a vengeance as you pilot CHINSTAR-ONE™, the new (and totally canon) gnomish-built air-assault platform piloted by King Varian Wrynn. Exclusive Varian Wrynn figure comes with two faces -- Varian and Lo'Gosh (slightly angrier Varian).
  • The fight against the elements rages as The Earthen Ring battle Deathwing and the elemental lords. Join the fight in Thrall's I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS™ modified Goblin earthfury tank. Exclusive Thrall figure comes with optional attachable Aggra.
  • Hide in your ship for 2 expansions as the world around you is obliterated with THE EXODAR™ playset, complete with exclusive Velen figure who does nothing.

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