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Click-and-drag iPhone app creation for business


Ever want to design an iPhone app but have no coding skills whatsoever? Not to worry; several companies are offering click-and-drag iPhone app creation. App Press has a service that allows the user to upload custom images and assemble those images into the layout of an app.

Once you've added your images and text, the App Press team will assemble your app and submit it to the App Store for you. Prices can be steep, however. App Press charges a monthly fee ranging from US$15-99 for access to its CMS designer tool. After that, a one-time iTunes developer setup fee, including three months of free app creation or issue publishing will cost you another $1500. You can see example's of App Press-designed apps here and here.

Another company called Appirio offers a framework that allows businesses to easily deploy custom apps to its employees or clients. Appirio's software package is also a click-and-drag one that produces iPhone and iPad apps that are linked to's cloud-based systems.

The cloud-based linkage allows businesses to push out updates to their apps without the need to redeploy the apps or the data the apps contain. In addition to letting users create click-and-drag apps, Appirio also offers plenty of templates for field survey apps, time and action-tracking apps, location-based apps and search and display apps. Currently there is no set pricing for app creation through Appirio, but interested parties can contact the company here.

Finally, Nov8rix delivers a 'fan site' app framework that's designed for creative artists, musicians, small businesses, faith communities and other organizations. It leverages the social media profile you or your organization already has, aggregating photos, news, events, tweets and media into an attractive package. The price is right, too; the company is running a limited-time offer of a basic subscription service (where you have to set up all your source content yourself) for only $19 a month per app.

[hat tip to Fast Company]

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