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Sprint ready to bump 4G upload speed cap, will raise (Wi)max to 1.5Mbps

Brad Molen

Sprint has been capping its data upload speeds at 1Mbps ever since the dawn of 4G time, but the carrier is ready to welcome in a new era by raising the ceiling -- not that Verizon's sudden and prolific LTE expansion is providing any encouragement, of course. The champion of all things WiMax (at least in the US of A) confirmed with us that its speed bump will indeed be taking place, noting that the maximum will be boosted by 50 percent to 1.5Mbps. The Sprint spokesperson also emphasized that no specific date has been set for this to occur, but should be gracing all of its 4G devices sometime soon. In a day and age where data caps and throttling are becoming the norm, we're relieved to see a carrier finally run in the opposite direction... regardless of the motives.

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