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EVE Online services restored

Eliot Lefebvre

We reported earlier today about a DDOS attack launched against the EVE Online servers, but we have good news for the game's players. After a prolonged outage, the servers are back online, with an official update from CCP's COO. According to the update, the team is continuing to monitor the situation closely, but at this time it does not appear that there was any breach of the company's infrastructure nor any risk of personal data being leaked.

As noted in the letter, the shutdown was an immediate reaction to the threat of any security breach, taken in the hopes of staving off any serious threats to the game or its players. The company apologizes to players affected by the downtime as well as the lack of any subsequent notification, but most EVE Online players will just be happy that the game is back online and should remain so barring any unforeseen complications.

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