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Final Fantasy XIV's latest producer's letter shows off auto-attacks

Eliot Lefebvre

It probably feels like it's past time for another Final Fantasy XIV letter from producer Naoki Yoshida, but the wait is finally over. In the latest installment of what's become a regular dispatch from the company to the fans, Yoshida discusses the upcoming changes and additions due for patch 1.18. But rather than waste space describing what the updates to the game's battle system will be like with the inclusion of auto-attack, Yoshida instead opts to show players with a short video demonstrating the system in action.

The one piece of bad news in the letter is that the patch is going to run a bit later due to the extra balance issues introduced, overshooting the previously stated window of mid to late June. Yoshida estimates a roughly two-week delay, putting the patch in early July. Still, Final Fantasy XIV players should be happy with the contents of the letter, especially the preview of auto-attack combat (embedded just past the break).

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