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Free DSiWare Four Swords is the GBA version


Last week during E3, Nintendo generously announced a free release of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords for DSiWare, playable on both DSi/XL and 3DS. The company didn't clarify, however, whether the game would be the original Four Swords multiplayer game that was packed in with A Link to the Past on GameBoy Advance, the GameCube Four Swords Adventures, or some combination of both.

Nintendo confirmed to Joystiq today that the game will in fact be the GBA multiplayer game that was included with LTTP. Clarifying further, we were told "This is separate from the GameCube version," though it's still unclear what updates, if any, will be made to the DSiWare version of Four Swords -- we'd be shocked not to see some redone graphics, and how about some online multiplayer for good measure? It remains to be seen.

The free download will be here in September, according to Nintendo's E3 presentation.

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