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iPad rigged up with 3D screen in Taiwan


Display Taiwan 2011 is going on in Taiwan this week, and at a booth for a company called CPT, there's a device on display that looks very much like an iPad (though with the actual Apple logos and identifying information covered up) that's been Frankenstein-ed together with what appears to be a 3D display. You can see the device in the video below thanks to YouTubers minipcpro.

They call this an iPad 3 prototype, but I don't think it's that -- my guess is that this Taiwanese company just either opened up an actual iPad, or came across some iPad parts, and inserted their own display in the device. It's more a proof of concept than anything else. All you see running is that photo app, not a full version of iOS.

Plus, it seems unlikely that we'd ever see 3D like this implemented in an Apple device, much less something that required glasses like that. Still, it's wild to see a completely different display show up in an iPad wrapping like this.

[via BGR]

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