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Keepin' it real fake: Xperia Arc KIRF has KIRFy dual-core processor (video)


Is that 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8255-powered Xperia Arc just too darn fast? We may have just the KIRF you're looking for. A simple phone with a simple name: the "DR." This petite pretender shaves 0.2-inches off of the Arc's 4.2-inch display, adding only 0.03mm of thickness along the way. Forget that Adreno 205 graphics processor, this baby runs on a Meditek MTK6516 ARM compatible processor, a setup often mistakenly advertised as dual-core with a whopping 416MHz core for running Android 2.2.1, and a second 208MHz core dedicated exclusively for the wireless radio. For the record, radio-dedicated partitions are usually skipped on core counts. Wrap it up with premo luxuries like a 3.5-inch headphone jack and 2 megapixel camera, and you've got an Xperia knock-off that's... well, pretty timid. But hey, it's only 1000 yuan ($154), so at least you can get dangerously close to Xperia territory without shattering the bank. If that's enough for you, check out a hands-on video (in Chinese) after the break.

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