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Angry Birds creators plan new game, location-based platform


Rovio's next big plan for Angry Birds is to add in some location-based features, according to GigaOM, with a platform it's calling Angry Birds Magic. The platform will use location-based information on a number of different smartphones (including, presumably, the iPhone, though there's some reference in the plan to near field communications, which of course, the iPhone hasn't yet included), allowing players to use where they are to both unlock new content and compete locally on leaderboards for a certain area. Rather than do what an app like MyTown has done and try to spread the content around to everywhere, Rovio says it's planning to be more strategic, using certain locations and certain features to try and monetize the game and engage the audience (like providing specials at a certain retailer during a sale, or other ideas like that).

The company is also planning a brand new app called Wine and Dine (no kidding), as well as an Angry Birds cookbook (featuring egg recipes, of course). Wine and Dine will still be in the Angry Birds universe, but it will supposedly be "more about the pigs."

Rovio also reportedly has more new games on tap (including some that aren't Angry Birds related), so it sounds like the team is keeping busy up in Finland.

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