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Eden Eternal rides into open beta today


It's been mere days since Eden Eternal kicked off its closed beta, but they say that rolling stones gather no digital moss, so Aeria Games is shifting the game into open beta status starting today. The servers should be open later today at 10:00 p.m. EDT, although eager-beaver players can go ahead and patch up the game now.

The open beta will be accompanied by a new patch, although the devs won't have open beta rewards added to the game until next week. To help get the word out about the beta, Aeria Games is sponsoring an Eden Eternal Signature Invasion that could net you some nifty in-game items if you participate.

So far, this colorful MMO has proven popular in the beta circuit, so if you're curious what we thought about it, make sure to check out our first impressions from last week!

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