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FigurePrints now offering goblin and worgen character options


FigurePrints, the service who takes your WoW characters and turns them into a 3D replica miniature, has updated their lineup to include goblin and worgen characters! Players can go to the FigurePrints site, import their character information from the Blizzard Armory, and start customizing their personal WoW character figure or bust. Also, FigurePrints is now offering armor customization all the way up to raid tier 11 sets and PvP season 9 for your character to wear.

People have been asking when goblins and worgen would be available in the FigurePrints store ever since Cataclysm was released. I know a few people with FigurePrints of their characters and they are pleased with the results.

One of the coolest aspects of FigurePrints and their 3D printers are watching how the figures are actually made. Thankfully, FigurePrints has a whole page dedicated to seeing how it works! There goes 10 minutes of my day...

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