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Patrice Desilets' non-compete is up, begins competing at THQ Montreal

While his non-compete clause was presumably up on May 29, THQ just announced that Patrice Désilets has finally, officially "joined the THQ studio system as a creative director" working at the recently opened Montreal location. The press release says that Désilets will now begin building a team, no doubt with some transplants from Ubisoft, and begin working on "a yet to be created title." Because he was totally not working for the last year ... because that would be competitive ...

"The creative freedom that THQ gives its artists and developers--and their willingness to make games that truly reflect an artistic vision--really drew me to THQ," the Assassin's Creed creator told a press release. "I plan to build an incredibly talented team at THQ, and am very anxious to get started on creating a new project."

We know that sounds like it's a long ways off; however, THQ Montreal will be a two-team studio, so there's a chance that the not-Désilets project is further along ... then again, that's probably Homefront.

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