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We Dare Aussie rating under review


Australia may reclassify Ubisoft's titillating We Dare following a review request. Federal Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O'Connor admitted he was spurred to file the application following media reports that the game's PG rating may be inappropriate.

"I believe that this game is unsuitable for children and I look forward to the outcome of the Classification Board's review of its PG rating," O'Connor wrote in a statement to Gamespot. "I share the concern of many parents that children may be inadvertently playing games that are more suited to adult gamers."

We Dare was never released in the US or UK. Even European rating board PEGI wasn't totally relaxed and groovy about the game, asking Ubisoft to pull the game's ads from the internet. The Australian review of We Dare is expected to be completed June 17.

Update: The title retains a PG rating as of June 22.

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