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Brad Pitt's latest includes a cameo from ... Bobby Kotick?

While you'd think the trailer for Brad Pitt's latest movie, Moneyball – being firmly ensconced in the underdog baseball archetype – would provide little in the way of surprises, a cameo at 0:58 threw quite the curveball!

... wait, is that Bobby Kotick? "We're not New York," Kotick's character, presumably a baseball franchise owner, tells Pitt. "Find players with the money we have." If you're wondering why Bobby Kotick is making an appearance as a rich white dude – admittedly, a well-cast appearance for the well-to-do CEO of Activision Blizzard – you're not alone. We reached out to Activision and a spokesperson confirmed that it was indeed Mr. Kotick and that he had been "asked to be in the movie."

We imagine it went something like this: "Who do I know that's really really really really rich?" Check out the trailer from Entertainment Tonight after the break.

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