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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: 1000 Heroz


I first heard about 1000 Heroz, a brand new iOS game available from Trials HD developers RedLynx, a while back, and when I did, it wasn't clear just what it was all about. The game promised new content every day for a full thousand days (almost three years, according to my calculator), but didn't exactly say what that entailed. But now, of course, we know: the game is out on the App Store right now, and it's a platforming/racing game with players running a little man (or woman) along a track and trying to hit the fastest time.

It's interesting -- the physics are just a bit floaty, which adds to the difficulty of jumping your character in at just the right moment in order to move as quickly as you can up and down the hills. The real hook here is that there is a new level for the game every single day, and there will be new levels out, for free, for the next few years. That's a pretty solid chunk of content -- there are only a few levels now, but promising new stuff to see every day is a pretty good deal.

The game's just 99 cents on the iPhone (and a buck more on the iPad), and while there are a few in-game achievements and rewards to go after for each level, it's also connected up to Game Center for leaderboards. Each level also comes with its own hero and relic, so you're not just getting a new level to race through, but new graphics on that end as well. It's a pretty ambitious plan, and man, when you think of all the content you'll have in a few years, all for just a buck, it's a hard app not to buy.

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