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Vodafone's vermilion veneered HTC Desire S gets a hands-on


What happens when you take a great phone and throw a handful of red plastic and metal at it? Why, an exclusive red Vodafone Desire S, that's what. Pocket-lint had an opportunity to fondle the new iteration, and, not surprisingly, concluded that new tint aside nothing else -- unlike the ChaCha which has seen a 200Mhz speed boost since launch -- has changed. What's not immediately apparent from the photo above is that HTC has taken a two-tone approach here with the metal housing getting one color and the plastic bits and pieces a much darker red. But color aside, this Desire S is the twin of the handset we've already seen launched and had the pleasure of reviewing. So if you dig pics of shiny phones flipped this way and that -- and come on now, we know you do -- follow the read link for the goods.

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