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Inhabitat's Week in Green: transparent airplanes, photovoltaic subdivisions and a wind-powered yacht


Green transportation soared through the skies this week as Inhabitat reported on Airbus' plans for a transparent airplane, and we showcased a crazy working hover bike capable of flying up to 10,000 feet. We were also excited to see China begin to roll out high-speed rail across Asia and we spotted several out-of-this world Frankenstein vehicles -- a Mercedes-Benz bus train in Bolivia and a wind-powered yacht that doubles as an airplane.

It was a momentous week for energy news as well, as Italians voted to end the use of nuclear power, and we took a look inside Germany's Wunderland Kalkar Amusement Park, which is built inside of a decommissioned nuclear plant. Solar power also had its moment in the sun as Enfinity unveiled two gorgeous photovoltaic-laden landscapes in Les Mées, France and Bangladesh announced that one million of the country's homes are powered by photovoltaic panels. We even spotted a new type of flexible generator that could be built into shoes to produce power as you walk.

This week we were also excited to unveil the winners of our Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition -- the elegant geometric Tetra Pak Lamp, the gorgeous glowing Nourishment Lamp, and the cute cork Pinha Pendant Light. We also launched our new Ask a Tech Geek Series where gadget guru extraordinaire Peter Rojas answers your questions about green technology, and we reported on one Japanese researcher's dubious plan to create an artificial meat substitute from poop. Finally, we shared an awesome steampunk rotary smartphone and a set of fun foldable Paper Punk robots that are perfect for terrorizing your coworkers' cubicles.

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