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iPad brand four times stronger than competing tablets


A new Bernstein Research survey suggests Apple will dominate the tablet market in the same way its iPods dominate the MP3 market. According to the survey, 50% of respondents in the US and the UK prefer the iPad over competing tablets. Surprisingly, even tablets from successful smartphone manufacturers can't compete with the iPad. The survey results show the iPad is more popular in the US than tablets from HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and RIM combined.

Apple also sets the standard for size with over 50% of respondents choosing the almost 10-inch display of the iPad over the 7-inch size used by Samsung and others. The preference is so strong that Bernstein Research predicts 7-inch tablets, like the BlackBerry PlayBook, are doomed to fail. Bernstein predicts two market scenarios for tablet devices, and in both situations, Apple is at the top and the other manufactures are vying for the leftover scraps.

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