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Noterize acquired by Nuance, points to more iOS voice savvy


The popular note-taking app Noterize made the short list of apps that D7 Consulting leveraged in its iPad trial; it also made it into Apple's 'Iconic' TV ad in January. It's been absent from the App Store for a bit, though, and now we know why.

TUAW has learned that Noterize has been acquired by Nuance, adding to the voice technology company's recent slate of purchases (SVOX, Equitrac). While iOS app acquisitions have happened before, this one is particularly interesting.

If all the rumors swirling around the newly enhanced relationship between Apple and Nuance are true, specifically for the integration of voice recognition at the system level in iOS 5, then there will have to be showcase apps ready this fall to take advantage of the new features. It only makes sense that Nuance itself would want to brand such an app, and make it work spectacularly well with voice recognition.

Annotation and markup are great use cases for voice recognition and dictation, especially for mobile professionals who might want to quickly turn around their notes on a document or presentation. Tap the relevant spot, dictate your feedback, and moments later the converted text annotation is in place and ready to be emailed (or iCloud-ed) back to your colleague. Let's hope that Nuance makes the most of Noterize's potential.

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