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OfficeTime for Mac update, new iOS version coming soon


OfficeTime for Mac has updated to version 1.6, adding over 100 new features and improvements. As we've posted before, this app is an excellent way to track time and billing for a freelance worker or a small business, and now it's even better. The biggest new feature is probably the addition of automatic backups, but there's a lot of new stuff, including decimal time entry (typing "1.5" automatically converts to "1 hour 30 minutes"), better support for exporting data out to Excel and Numbers, and plenty of other updates.

This new version also includes support for sync to the iPhone and iPad versions, and developers say that those versions are due out very soon.

OfficeTime for Mac is available as a free trial download, and the full version of the app is available for both Mac and Windows for US$47.

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